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Meet the Staff:

Our admin staff’s goal is to have your visit go as smooth and efficiently as possible.  They will do their very best to have your information about medical and eyewear coverage prior to you arriving for your appointment.


Doctor's Assistant

At Excel Vision, The doctor's assistant is trained to answer your questions about your exam and perform the necessary test to complete exam. She is very knowledgeable about contact lenses, making contact lens training smooth and comfortable. Our doctor's assistant shares a compassion for our patient's and a deep knowledge of eyecare.





Our opticians are highly educated in optics and strive to understand your individual needs based upon lifestyle, hobbies, and work demands. They remain committed to keeping up with latest technology and fashion in the quickly changing world of optics.                                                                                                                                                                           Our opticians look forward to helping our patient's realize their eyeglass potential.