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Autologous Serum Drops

Our tears are a crucial part to adequate eye health. Patient’s that suffer from severe dry eyes unfortunately don’t produce enough tears to provide comfort. Patient’s trying to supplement natural tears with artificial lubrication drops find the lasting effects to be inadequate. Autologous drops promote ocular surface health and healing prescribed for more advanced dry eyes (those resistant to other forms of treatment).The vitamins, growth factors, and antibodies they provide are commonly found in natural healthy tears.

What are Autologous serum drops and how are they obtained?

fullsizerender 14 Autologous means the donor and the recipient are the same person. The drops are derived from a patient’s own blood, which is acquired by a lab (dealing in blood draws).The sample of blood is put into a centrifuge, red blood cells and the clotting factors are removed, leaving behind blood serum. The serum is then extracted and combined with a sterile, preservative- free solution to create several tear vials that are unique to each person. Since blood and tears have almost the same PH and salinity, there is no issue of burning upon inserting them into your eyes. On average, a patient can obtain 8-12 vials from one blood sample. Properly stored, these autologous tears can last 4-6 months.