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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • Has been the greatest experience with eye care professionals, environment and options for eye wear! Great staff and experiences in service for the last 6, going on 7 years!! Low turnover and always helpful. THE BEST!!

    - Sahmie S.
  • Dr. Bass and staff are professional considerate people with the state of the art equipment. Highly recomended

    - Dan E.
  • Dr. Bass and staff are fantastic. Very personable and professional. Dr. Bass has been fitting me with scleral lenses. It can take some time to get just the right fit, but she will make sure no matter how long it takes to make sure its correct. I have recommended her and will continue my eye care with her.

    Show More - M. Rackley
  • I needed to order contact lenses with a script from another state via phone and the staff was beyond helpful in making it happen! Thank you, thank you, thank you! They are shipping my lenses to me now. The woman I chatted with (sorry, forgot your name!) was friendly, warm, and very communicative. I've been to many eye doctors over the years and this has been the best service I've received by far!

    Show More - Rebecca C.
  • Great Experience, professional staff and Dr. Helpful front desk, very cheerful. They are on time! Updated with the latest technology to ensure the correct prescription for your eye. Would highly recommend.

    - Michael A.
  • GREAT eye doctor. I have a very high prescription and have worn corrective lenses for a long time. Which means I have been to many eye doctors in my lifetime. I originally saw Dr. Bass for years, then this year saw Dr. Wooten for my annual exam and got fitted for contacts by Dr. Hillier. All three doctors are very professional and capable, and every staff member is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I loved the “mom and pap” feel of this wonderful office. I would highly recommend seeking

    Show More - Eliza N.

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